Success Stories

21+ Years Of Experience

Since 1999, Michael has placed over 3,700 employees all over the globe. He has assisted thousands of candidates through the rebranding of their resumes, retooling their LinkedIn, social media platform support, and career coaching. Satisfied clients are essential for the long-term success of any business. Look at what Michael's clients are saying about him.

Success Stories

Global Staffing Initiatives

Global Company

Michael Engaged a Global Company with a $1.9M Retainer over the course of 18 months executing staffing initiatives that successfully placed over 120 employees with the company.


company to engage

Often times the most important way to get a company to engage you on a position is what you put in front of them when it comes to your resume. Reformatting and Rewriting your resume can often times lead to immediate results.

Centralization of Recruitment

recruiting efforts

Their recruiting efforts were completely out of control. They had plants in the field fighting over the same candidate. They received candidates resumes at one plant and it never was seen by anyone else in the organization.



Helping people understand the value of time, branding, image, and leadership can create ongoing growth and success in and organization or education.

Retooling Resumes


Sometimes the simplest of changes or the biggest of modifactions change the way a person is viewed. Dave was getting calls but nothing really of value. He struggled to find a company to look at him for the level of experience he had and the value he would bring.